Vineland Research and Innovation Centre - Greenhouse Complex **New Project Update**

Location: Vineland Station, Ontario

Greenhouse Square Ft.: 40687


  • Venlo style greenhouse
  • 13 containment compartments
  • Automated climate controls, accessible via internet
  • Equipped with horizontal and vertical shade systems
  • 2 blackout compartments
  • High Intensity Discharge (HID) grow lights


A 3,780 m2 research Greenhouse facility constructed for Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. This project will be the largest research greenhouse of its kind in Canada. JGS Limited provided Engineering Expertise, Project Management and on site Construction Expertise to complete the project in a professional and timely manner. Our knowledgeable Sales & Project Management teams provided constant communication with the General Contractor and end user.

This Greenhouse structure is commonly known as a Venlo style greenhouse consisting of 13 independent containment compartments. These compartments range in size from the smallest at approximately 36 m2 to the largest compartment at approximately 540 m2.

The greenhouse structure is constructed with hot dipped galvanized steel framing accompanied with an aluminum/glass cladding system. The glazing generally consists of 1 pc glazing for the roof, 1” insulated glass for the exterior walls, and single glazing for the interior partitions.

Although under one roof each compartment is an individual airtight unit by itself, capable of maintaining temperature, humidity, light, irrigation and insects of specific size, independent from compartment to compartment and the outside environment. These units are controlled manually and/or automatically by the programmable centralized computer system.

All compartments are equipped with horizontal and vertical shade systems. In addition to the shade systems 2 compartments have additional blackout capabilities. Each compartment is also equipped with High Intensity Discharge (HID) grow lights to allow the end user to extend the daily light intensity and/or duration.

Cooling of the Greenhouse compartments is programed into the computer control system as a sequence of operations. The computer system will first utilize natural ventilation by way of the ridge vents and shade system. When natural ventilation has been deployed and more cooling is required the controls system will launch the vertical airflow fans then the fogging system and finally in some compartments the under the bench fan coil units.

Heating of the greenhouse is generated by a centrally located boiler in the mechanical room then delivered via pipe to each compartment. Each compartment is independent of each other and is computer controlled manually or automatically. The heating system inside each compartment consists of pipes located around the perimeter at the concrete knee wall and along the underside of each gutter. The heating along the underside of the gutter(s) is also utilized as a snow melt system.

Overall this ‘greenhouse’ is a complex research facility which will aid the researchers in their studies for many years to come.

Watch the time-lapse construction video below:

Video credit: Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

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