Royal Military College Sawyer-Girouard Renovation

Location: Kingston, Ontario
Greenhouse Square Ft.: 891
  • 1 compartment
  • 1 main corridor
  • Automated climate controls, accessible via internet
  • Equipped with horizontal shade system
  • Utilizes natural ventilation


An 82.8 m2 research Greenhouse facility constructed for the Royal Military College of Kingston for the purpose of scientific research. JGS Limited provided both the Engineering expertise as well as the Construction Expertise to complete the project in a professional and timely manner. Our knowledgeable sales & project management teams provided constant communication with the General Contractor and end user.

This greenhouse consists of 1 compartment and was constructed on top of an existing RMC building.

The greenhouse structure is constructed with Aluminum framing accompanied with an aluminum/glass cladding system, all aluminum being painted in white. The glazing consists of 1” insulated glazing for the roof and exterior walls, and single glazing for the interior partitions.

This unit is controlled manually or automatically by the programmable centralized computer system provided by Link4 Corporation Inc. This centrally controlled computer system has the ability of being accessed locally or via internet.

The compartment is equipped with a horizontal shade system.

Cooling of the Greenhouse compartment is programed into the Link4 Controls system as a sequence of operations. The system will first utilize natural ventilation by way of the shade system, side vents and ridge vents. When the temperature rises beyond the capability of natural ventilation there are fan coil units to further the cooling capabilities. The fan coil units are located under the benches and are all controlled via the Link4 computer system.

Heating of the greenhouse is generated by the main building boiler which supplies hot water to the fan coil units. This compartment is computer controlled manually or automatically.

Overall this ‘greenhouse’ is a complex research facility which will aid the researchers in their studies for many years to come.

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