Institutional Greenhouses

  • Built for Education and Research
  • Rooftop Greenhouses
  • Flexible compartment environmental configurations
  • Layouts designed for facilitating education
  • Design Build Capabilities

“If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people.”

Our Greenhouse Solutions Team combines world class expertise in designing facilities for plant research with unparalleled experience building greenhouses for education. At JGS we strive to engage students by constructing greenhouse facilities that open them to limitless possibilities, and enable them to utilize the advanced technology in environmental control.

Environmental Control:

JGS is a worldwide leader in the design of technologically advanced research environments. We partner with the best Environmental Computer Manufacturers to ensure complete control of air, water, light, and plant nutrients. Each compartment can have varying environments, depending on researchers' needs: temperature, light, humidity, and CO2 variations. And because precision is essential for advanced research our climates are controlled to the most exacting tolerances.

Greenhouses for Teaching and Learning:

At JGS we strive to understand the needs of your students, and we provide customized solutions for universities, high schools, grade schools, and Parks and Rec Departments. We will work closely with your architect to ensure the greenhouse facility is designed to complement your additional structures, and our experience includes connecting to the sides and on top of all types of buildings.

Features for Education:
  • Larger pathways for student traffic
  • Maximize flexible space with movable/rolling benches
  • Control systems with the same tolerances of research greenhouses, when applicable
  • Additional protection on heating and irrigation systems due to the increased traffic
  • Same containment levels as research greenhouses as required
Design and Build:

Our Greenhouse Solutions Team works with you and your team throughout the design, manufacturing and installation stages of your project. We offer:
  • Our global experience in construction to assist architects and engineers
  • Our knowledge and experience in planning to help improve facility layout, usage of space, movement of plants and materials, and provide comfortable learning environments
  • Our component selection process to advise clients in the matter of energy conservation, sustainability, accuracy, and flexibility of design.
  • Complete construction services for high-performance greenhouses
  • Facility commissioning
  • Worldwide Maintenance Programs to ensure optimum ongoing performance no matter where you are located.
Call us when you are considering a new greenhouse educational facility, and discover why universities all over the world build JGS Institutional Greenhouses.

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