Design Build

Design/Build construction is the most cost effective, time-efficient method available

  • End-to-end responsibility, accountability and expertise
  • Architectural and engineering at lowest possible costs
  • Consistent quality; demonstrable value

Faster delivery than any other construction method

As your Design/Build contractor, we invest as much front-end time as necessary to fully comprehend a new building’s functionality. We work with your wish list, considering every factor from occupancy, time frames, and potential future expansions.

When we’re collectively satisfied that our vision and yours are in tune, we add architects and engineers to the team and prepare preliminary drawings. On approval, the drawings are further developed, then passed to our estimators and construction managers to develop cost estimates and time schedules for your approval.

JGS’s expertise and experience in pricing alternative products and construction methods equips you and your architect with the most cost-effective options for your design. Value Engineering.

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